• websecurity
    Stop malware downloads
    76% of websites contain vulnerabilities, 9% are critical
  • Cloud security
    Ensure Compliance
    Stop GDPR breaches
  • phishing
    Stop phishing attacks
    Filters 99.999% of spam emails

Web Security

Web security from CensorNet provides protection from harmful, offensive or inappropriate content from the web. It can also help in understanding users time spent on websites that can have a significant impact on productivity.

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Controlling access to suspect websites has never been more important:

  • A new Phishing site appears every 22.5 seconds
  • Malvertising increased 132% in 2016 with malicious injections up 25%
  • 24% of Ransomeware is distributed via websites
With this level of threat, it makes sense to rely on up-to-date, automated systems such as CensorNet's cloud deployed system. CensorNet analyses new URL's in real-time for malware and automatically categorises them using machine learning techniques

CensorNet allows you to manage over 140 categories of web content that covers billions of web pages via a simple to use cloud based system. It provide complete protection even for SSL encrypted traffic.

Key features?

100% cloud managed

CensorNet has already built the infrastructure, just a point and click deployment

Flexible deployment options

Agent or proxy, or both methods are used. It includes agents for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X systems. Mobile device coverage is via CensorNet's Cloud Gateway

Real-time Anti-Malware Scanning

Incorporates multiple security layers each using a powerful and effective combination of tools and techniques including on-line threat detection, reputation and heuristics

CensorNet Unified Security Services:

Junglemap -Information Security Awareness 365

Web Security

Does sites have a bad reputation?

  • Is it known for Phishing / spamming
  • Is it known to be malicious
  • Is content appropriate for employees?
  • Does it host malware?

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Junglemap -Information Security Awareness 365

Cloud Security

Help with GDPR through understanding: Which cloud apps are in use? Are there any risks to your data? How does cloud app usage affect your compliance?

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Junglemap -Information Security Awareness 365

Multi Factor Authentication

100% cloud-based back-end for simple implementation and management. Out-of-the-box support for a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPN vendors. Wide range of OTP delivery methods including SMS, email and the CensorNet app (for iOS and Android). Fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory

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Junglemap -Information Security Awareness 365

Email Security

Email Security from CensorNet provides comprehensive protection from traditional email threats including spam, viruses, large-scale phishing attacks and malicious URLs. It delivers 99.999% spam detection without stopping important good email getting through (ie: near zero false positives).

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