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1st Advance’s service starts with the configuration of hardware components and, where applicable, the installation of a customer-specific operating system build. Getting the configuration correct has never been more important, as the risks and costs of getting if wrong can be high not only in lost productivity but also the exposure to

threats and breaches of legislation and compliance.

Once configured, 1st Advance can help set up the management environment, ensuring that key information is regularly reported back to the customer. We can then provide the on going remote or local solution for you to manage this.

1st Advance can ship equipment to required locations. A variety of options are available, from next day delivery to areas such as Goods In or Reception, through to guaranteed same-day and weekend delivery.

How it helps

Reduced Operational Impact:
1st Advance’s services ensure systems arrive configured and ready for deployment. This reduces the operational impact at arrival at respective locations.

Cost Reduction:
Working with 1st Advance, customers gain the benefit of our experience. Engaging 1st Advance to configure and deliver systems leaves your staff free to concentrate on core business requirements.

Single Point of Accountability:
Working with 1st Advance gives you benefits ranging from product selection to configuration and delivery. As a result, you can spend less time managing multiple vendor and supplier relationships.

Why we are different

Track record
For many years 1st Advance has been helping its customers manage the entire process of selecting, purchasing, implementation, testing, managing, renewing and upgrading their products and services.

Vendor Independent Expertise
Leveraging 1st Advance’s expert industry knowledge and best practice, we help our customers navigate the complex world of IT hardware by offering an independent service based on what works best for the customer.

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About us

1st Advance is a leading provider of Security and Networking solutions both software, hardware and related IT services.

We aim to help our customers solve the complex problems when building and maintaining todays Network and Data security systems. We aim to offer a non-nonsense, unbiased advice and guidance.

Using current best practice coupled with the latest technology and services we help businesses from the latest cyber threats.

We deliver products and solutions from the world's leading IT Networking and Security companies. We care passionately about two things - Delivering exceptional value and world class customer service.